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Traditional Design Advice

Need some help with design decisions? Let us help you through the maze of design possibilities

Service Statement

Our area of expertise is in traditional architectural detail, its design and its correct installation in facade use. We have decades of hands-on experience in architectural component design and manufacture. And we are now offering a Custom Design Service (CDS) for all existing and new clients.

In our new role as a style consultant our specialists can assist with Georgian, Victorian, Gothic, Art Deco and Australian Federation facade details. We are very happy to work on small domestic commissions, as well as institutional projects where correct traditional detail is required.

Our objective is to allow our clients to add historical detail to their homes or developments in a way which is economical, practical, and pleasing.

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Capabilities and Services

We create historical detail from academic sources and from our clients preferences, and apply this detail to new buildings or to heritage restorations, working with project architects, builders, contractors or with homeowners.


We conduct research into the type of detail that will achieve the stated design intent. We then look at the type of material which will be the most appropriate having regard to the site conditions, budget and the timeline for completion. We create detailed large scale shop drawings in plan elevation and section (in PDF) so that builders and tradespeople can understand the requirements for correct installation.

Materials we work with are sandstone, reconstituted stone, GRC, solid lightweight cast formulations and also lightweight rendered and reinforced mouldings. All manufacturing meets stringent industry quality standards.     

Fee Structure & Clients

Initial consultations, are completely free of charge, via zoom, or email, or on site in certain cases. From this interaction we produce an outline of design intent and an estimate of likely cost. Then a Custom Design Service agreement is proposed.


Writing a draft proposal to meet the requirements of a formal brief with associated drawings, will incur a charge in line with the above CDS. Attendance on site including installation workshops, ais available via a separate service agreement. Please note: a deposit will be required before commencement.

Our new Custom Design Service (CDS) is designed to provide a valuable service for suburban homeowners and/or builders, Large residential projects and contractors as well as commercial inquiries of all categories.

Benefit from our outstanding team of industry professionals. At Melgrand we are able to deliver a prime service, through our in-house architectural style specialists and architects, backed by years of practical experience and years of academic study of style evolution.

The look and feel of your home should be what you really want.

Your CDS can assist you along the way, ask us how! 

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