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Heritage and Restoration

We are experts in Period Facade Design and Restoration of Heritage Elements.

Our Approach

Do you require a restoration of an existing facade? Maybe you have questions about an existing heritage façade or an extension to harmonise with the older part. What are the most appropriate new parts for this setting?

Heritage facades have to comply with restrictions due to the streetscape and the need for ‘quiet style’ agreement with neighbours on either side and on the other side of the street. This we call ‘respect for decorum’ and we will make suggestions having the benefits of this approach uppermost in our mind.

The staff in our department for heritage projects which is headed by Geoff Eeles, are regarded as highly experienced by many architects and contractors.

Melb facade.jpg

Advice & Experience

Heritage work presents problems, such as where hand-run mouldings have to be matched. This can be problematic because the skilled tradesmen of earlier times are no longer available.

We have solutions to this problem and to many other difficulties commonly encountered in such projects. We are happy to provide on-site support to tradesmen on request. We have an extensive archive of traditional mouldings and drawings of many more. As well we have an access to many completed heritage projects for particular research purposes.

Please contact us, to get in touch with our Heritage Facade Department - they are experienced in the selection of appropriate period elements. This will establish how we may be able to assist on your project.


With latest technology, we are able to deliver best results.

Our in-house 3D scanning and printing facilities allows us to precisely replicate and reproduce any feature and item. 

Our range of materials on offer to produce architectural features and elements, range from Glass fiber reinforced concrete, Lightweight Concrete, Plaster and Pressed Cement. We will consult on your application to find out what material is most suitable for your project or work as per your preservation architects or consultants requirements.

To find out more please contact us 

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