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MELGRAND, Fine Architectural Products.

Imagine, design, create.

At Melgrand we have taken a great interest in architecture and design for over 15 years. Our combined period of technical staff hands-on experience is over 70 years. 

We are architectural manufacturers and as such have a wealth of experience in devising
solutions to everyday design problems.
We are building industry generalists: we occupy an intersection, we talk to homeowners, architects and engineers
as well as a cross section of the most experienced tradespeople.

As a result we have become quite good at solving everyday and more complicated design problems.

What is your design problem? Get in touch: we probably have at least one viable solution.
We are people to whom you can turn to for advice.

Our team is spread across Australia to provide local inputs as to the suitability,
the local preferences and local authority regulations. All this is designed to enhance the appearance value of various design options while complying with council restrictions.

On any given day our products are being delivered across Australia.

Our aim is to improve the look, feel and efficiency of client’s buildings in every state.
Our head office is in Melbourne, which is arguably the architectural design capital of Australia.

We are in constant touch with architects and design practitioners in every category of construction and home building.

We are involved in originating, designing and fabricating building parts in a wide range of materials:
precast concrete, lightweight fibreglass reinforced, fibreglass reinforced concrete, artificial stone, rendered lightweight elements.

We manufacture a range of products in various categories: functional, ornamental, structural and decorative.

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