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Remodel and Refurbish

Our Specialists can help you to remodel your existing home.

Our Advice

You are looking to change and improve a building facade? Or do you require the restoration of an existing facade?

Maybe you have an idea what your existing facade should look like but need help in how to approach it? 

You are at the right address.

Melgrand has supplied thousands of projects all around Australia and its likely you will find our products on facades in your area.

Contact us to find out if there are reference projects close to your site.



Remodelling and refurbishment are conducted under instructions from the owner the builder or a design professional.


We prepare a scope of works then a bill and a quotation. What is different is that we will initially provide design ideas based on

experience, our files, or external research. These ideas to align with instructions from the client outlining the expected result.

This is vitally important in cases of renovation prior to an offer of sale of the property.

Please contact us, to see if we can assist on your project.




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