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Melgrand Design Advice

Building a new home has never been more expensive or potentially more profitable in the longer term.

Melgrand has over 1000 options for clients to use in the composition of their facades.

Add to this the very deep collective experience and skill of its employees and associates, and it makes a unique combination; knowledgeable and at the same time practical and innovative.

Do you need some original ideas to lift your new façade?

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Melgrand can help architects, designers and homeowners in a discussion about style options as they are used in the facade of your building. This means providing details of original, high value settings using Melgrand components or custom made elements. This will cover all viable options enabling the client to settle on a preferred design.


The process starts with a no -obligation meeting in Sydney or Melbourne; face to face or on Zoom or Teams. After this meeting a schedule of approval stages and costs will be presented. The costs for guidance on the composition of elements on a residential facade could be as low as $1000 and would only rarely exceed $5000. This would amount to a fraction of the gains that going  with an attractive design will provide.

Disclaimer: Melgrand is not offering the services normally offered by a registered architect or engineer.

Certification of any kind is not part of the offer.

These settings designed by Melgrand,
working closely with leading architects.

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