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Melgrand Design Advice

Let Melgrand help select elements for your façade

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    Do you need some original ideas to lift your new façade?


Melgrand is helping architects, designers and homeowners with style options for use on any building.

This means providing details of original, high value compositions using Melgrand components covered by comprehensive specifications.

   Our Comprehensive Facade Appraisal is a new type of service: elements are selected in a process which looks at options in a more comprehensive way.

A fee will be charged for this service, this will vary based on the complexity of the façade and any suggested details. This Appraisal starts with a free no-obligation conversation: this will establish the basis for working towards a concept. The appraisal will look at many of the appropriate style options having regard to the preferences and the tastes of all stakeholders.

After this has produced an agreed and settled style concept, a schedule of material supply stages with costs will be presented.

In our experience the cost for the Appraisal itself on a residential or commercial façade amounts to a fraction of the eventual capital gain.

Disclaimer: Melgrand is not offering the services normally offered by a registered architect or engineer.

Certification of any kind is not part of the offer.

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